Here at Magical-Marketing we are constantly on the lookout for resources to help us on the path to living our true life’s purpose and getting our message out to the world. On this page we share our favorite resources with you. We enjoy these products and services so much we have become official affiliates or representatives. That said, you participate in any of these companies at your own risk and Magical-Marketing cannot be held responsible for any problems you may encounter in the purchase process or while using these resources. Enjoy!


Constant Contact is one of the most popular lead capture and ezine services out there for a reason. They have the easiest to use marketing tools for emails, events, and online surveys. Plus they’ve got this thing called KnowHow, which is all about helping folks to be smarter with your marketing–including free one-to-one coaching on the phone.

Try them FREE for 60 days. If you like them and sign up as a paying customer, you’ll get a $30 credit to your account. And we’ll get one too, as a thank you for connecting you with them.


TweetAdder: This is the tool we use to boost the following of our own and our clients’ Twitter Profiles. Julia Stege’s @magicalmarketer has over 30,000 followers thanks to TweetAdder and uplifting social networking strategies. Here are benefits TweetAdder boasts:

  • Increase Twitter and Site Traffic to your event, charity, service, business, band, or website
  • Find Like Minded Twitter Followers in Seconds
  • Auto Follow Targeted Profiles by Keyword
  • Automatically attract new twitter followers every day
  • Multiple Accounts, Unlimited Twitter Profiles & Chaining
  • Automate Twitter Posts, Scheduled Tweets, Stay active without actually being active
  • Automate Scheduled Direct Messages
  • Auto Unfollow, VIP Safe List
  • Best Twitter Search, including Global Location and Multi Language Searches
  • Set it and Forget It! Runs Daily, Automatically
  • Every Twitter Feature imaginable!
  • Spend time with your family, take off for the weekend, go on vacation! We’ll do the rest!


Amazon Herb Company: Julia Stege, founder of Magical-Marketing, has been taking sustainably wild-crafted herbs from the Amazon Rainforest since 1998 and swears by them. “These herbs transformed my body and helped me fight off the effects of aging. I look better now than I did 10 years ago and I have these herbs and the Rainforest Skin Care to thank for it.” Amazon Herb Company maintains mutually beneficial relationships with indigenous tribes of the Amazon to harvest powerful, energetic plants that feed the body at an optimal level. “I couldn’t get through the day without my Amazon Herbs. These give me the energy I need to run my business and serve the dozens of clients we work with regularly,” says Julia.  Learn more about my love for all things Amazonian at Order herbs online at