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Branding and Websites for Spiritual Entrepreneurs using Law of Attraction Marketing

Are you a spiritually inspired entrepreneur, holistic healer, or transformational coach? If your branding and website are not attracting and engaging your perfect customers, your “Soul Tribe”, online, then we need to talk!

You started your business or organization to make a difference and follow your Soul’s purpose, so you don’t want to use marketing strategies that are about brainwashing, hyping or lying to people.

And we promise you don’t have to.

Welcome to a new paradigm for marketing designed for purpose driven and spiritually inspired entrepreneurs.

My name is Julia Stege, the Magical Marketer, and I created a new paradigm for marketing that is authentic, comes from the heart, attracts just the right people (your Soul Tribe) and inspires them to make a significant connection with you.

Finally you can have a brand and website with Soul!

For over 20 years we have helped spiritual business women and conscious entrepreneurs to authentically attract their tribe online with stunning brands, wildly attractive websites, engaging content, and magical marketing techniques.

Magical Marketing is a full-service marketing firm for spiritually inspired, heart-based entrepreneurs and we really understand YOU and YOUR NEEDS.

We welcome the opportunity to help you express your purpose through branding and websites that attract your Soul Tribe and create real connection online.

Step 1: Create Your Soul Tribe Attraction Plan 

To get started with this new paradigm for marketing using Law of Attraction, download my Magical Marketing Toolkit and start creating your Attraction Plan. 

This is the first step all our Spiritual Branding and Website Design clients take when we are collaborating on their project.

The Magical Marketing Toolkit Includes your Soul Tribe Attraction Playbook and short video training to get you started becoming an irresistible magnet to your perfect customers.

Step 2: Determine what’s next for you? Register for a Magical Marketing Review.

If you are resonating with what I’m saying here, and you know you need help with your branding, marketing or website projects, and would like to receive some clarity on your next steps, let’s connect for a private Magical Marketing Review.

During this session, I will review your branding and marketing challenges, and discuss how we at Magical Marketing can help you to attract your divinely aligned clients online.

To get started, please send me a bit of info about you and your business using the button below and I’ll send you my link to schedule. Looking forward to connecting with you.

Branding and Website Campaigns for Spiritual Entrepreneurs

Created Using Law of Attraction Marketing Principles

Julia, your training was beautiful.

"Your training call truly came at the perfect time for me. I've experienced a powerful shift recently and realized something I've never realized before. I'm clearer now and am feeling very excited.

You walk your talk, you model exactly what you're speaking about. You do it with such love and grace...I love how you disagree with your mentors and continue to be YOU! You Rock!!! Love you.”

Maeve Crawford
Lover of Life


I knew Julia was the person I was supposed to work with.

“When I heard Julia speak via a webinar, I knew that she was the person I was suppose to work with to create a completely new website! A website that would finally reflect me. Julia indicated that her perfect clients were currently HIDDEN, their work was CUTTING EDGE, and they had a FEAR OF EXPOSURE.

Those words resonated with me. I knew this was me and what I needed to address. Finally, someone who understood me and who was able to help me get my message out and to transform my fears during the process!! I honestly never expected to find someone who could do all that, and more!!!

A transformation it was! The entire beginning of the process, scheduled talks with Julia and several videos, allowed me to clarify my message and clarify the clients I want to attract to my practice. I was able to let go of the fear and vulnerability I was feeling. Even before the site is launched my client base increased! I’m so grateful that I found Julia. Do yourself a favor and work with Julia!”

Caroline Morrison
Soul Arts Wellness Studio


I LOVE my Law of Attraction Marketing Brand and Website!

"Julia has the uncanny ability to translate your purpose into magical visuals by harmoniously combining different elements and selecting all the right components that somehow beautifully blend in. It all started with almost a 100 images on a Pinterest board and she so quickly figured out which ones were my top favorites and would make that essential contribution to my messaging.

Julia knows to pick that one fish from the ocean and that makes all the difference! I look forward to watching her in awe as she magically creates stuff I absolutely love."

Archanaa Shyam
Mystical Medical Intuitive


I Love My Logo and Tagline!

“Julia was a gift for my business and a pleasure to work with. She not only created the perfect logo for my business that I am proud to share and represent me, but her branding skills were incredibly powerful and effective.

In less than two hours I walked away with a tagline and deep insights into my purpose and business. Very pleased with my experience with Julia and I would definitely work with her again.”

Ginette King


Julia Stege is truly The Magical Marketer!

No one in the business knows their clients the way Julia does. But that's not the Magical part. The magic comes in her instructions and private sessions. Julia has the power to dig things out of you that surprise you more than her!

She has an other-worldly laser-sharp vision of where you're going that, once she says it, you yell "That's it!" Then you wonder how she knew and you didn't. Her 30 minutes took me further than my last 18 months. I am so excited that she is designing my website now. Can't wait to experience it. I need to find her a magic wand.

Linda S. Taylor


I’m attracting hundreds of new visitors to my site and got 6 new clients the first month!

“When I came to Julia, my existing website needed more than just a “facelift”, I needed someone who could help me clearly reflect my personality and passion for my work through my brand and website.

Through her unique website development process, Julia helped me capture just the right tone, look and feel to speak authentically and attract my tribe. I am so happy my new website is now a “stand out” among the sea of other ho-hum sites on the web.

After launching my beautiful new website I started attracting hundreds of new visitors to my site daily, I gained over 100 new opt in’s and 6 new clients in the first thirty days! Thanks Julia for helping me take my business to the next step!”

Anne Baker
Holistic Nutritionist


Julia, and the system she has created works.

“In my experience, showing up as a heart-centered entrepreneur takes the willingness to move through many layers of how fully I let myself to be seen. Julia not only creates a safe place to explore the question of who you are, she provides real tools that help go deeper in that exploration, and find the specific words, messaging and imaging that puts it out there for the world to see.

“This is a process that is absolutely worth doing. It has moved me, my understanding of myself, and my ability and willingness to stand for what I believe to an entirely new level. Thank you, Julia.”

Scout Wilkins


Julia is a dyn-o-mite speaker!

Julia Stege's presentation on Branding Basics for Conscious Entrepreneurs was Dyn-o-mite! Her style is friendly, natural, humorous and informative. She quickly identified with our audience and provided them with a new paradigm for marketing that is authentic and creative.

She took a room full of marketing-resistant entrepreneurs and gave them hope that marketing can be fun, fulfilling and sustainable! I highly recommend Julia as a speaker for any event where out-of-the-box entrepreneurs desire to learn a new approach to branding from the heart.

Joyce Orecchia
Center for Spiritual Living, Santa Rosa, CA